Cry Medic

Cry Medic

by Dave Pfeifer

“We were a random group of fellows from all over the country, all different environments, ripped out of our lives and sent to Vietnam. Some of the fellows get into enjoying the killing. Most of us would hear that kind of person and think they’d gone over the edge.”

From these lines, author Dave Pfeifer takes readers into his life as a medic serving everyday with military men who were fighting for freedom in a war that may cost them their lives. In Cry Medic, the author shares his experiences – giving medical aid to all of those men, going to the rear, getting supplies, bandaging wounds, tagging the dead, and saving lives in Vietnam.

“As a medic, I was entirely different than the rest of the platoon, separate. They all carried guns, and many were interchangeable as far as function. But no other person was there to give medical aid to all of those men. Yet, I was the same in the sense that I walked step for step everywhere they went, went through the same agonies, fear, and grief,” Pfeifer says.

In this riveting documentary drama, readers will witness the awful, terrible, horrible, shocking, and bloody occurrences that Pfeifer had seen. It relates how he felt and how these things affected his life. Images of arms missing, the legs, the pieces of brain, the guts coming out, the blood, and the cries of those men calling for his help take him through sleepless nights and nightmares – draining his emotion and leaving him still crying.

Through Cry Medic, readers will know who served there in that war-torn place, who fought for peace and freedom, and who were affected by the war. This book will inspire readers of the patriotism, courage, loyalty and service of these men who risk their lives for a cause – and the medic is not just someone there, he played the biggest role.